Starting early

I know its only August, and Christmas is some time away, but this year I am going to be prepared.

Yes, I do say this every year, but this year is going to be different. No panic shopping, no standing in long queues, no blood thirsty bun fights for the last roll of ugly wrapping paper. None of this. This year I would like all my Christmas gifts to be unique, and special. Ideally handmade and lovingly chosen for each family member based on their own specific taste and style.
Then, with the help of lots of stunning tips and tricks on Pinterest I intend making my own gift tags and wrapping each gift in it’s own handmade wrapping paper.

Here is the first of my inspiration for present buying:

Christmas list
Christmas listChristmas listChristmas listChristmas list

1. Chooped Tables from Yuval Tal
2. Mr Gembeard Gift Card from Lauren Fowler
3. Minimalist Dinnerware by Lee Wolf
4 & 5. Raw Materials and Forgotten Memory by Jetske Visser
6. Lettering by Tiger Mouse Design

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