Scrabble Typography Edition


In a vain attempt to get past the autocorrected and spell checked lives we live, Alexis and I decided we needed to play some Scrabble. Now it had been some time since my last attempt at the Triple Word Score, so locating the trusty family Scrabble board was going to be a mission. After numerous phone calls to my sister and Mum it was discovered that our original family board had gone missing. I had assumed it was with all the other much loved and long forgotten board games at my Mum’s… sigh! I was certain I would see its’ familiar green box hiding in amongst the Monopoly and Cluedo boxes, but alas, no Scrabble (although I think the Hungry Hippos are there still!)

Feeling very despondent we skulked down to our local toy shop, only to be told they had sold out (it was just before Christmas) What… sold out of SCRABBLE? How can this be? Do kids still play Scrabble?

Weeks went by and still we struggled to hunt down the elusive Scrabble (or buy a new one). Then a couple of weeks ago we got wind of a fresh supply that had just come in. I was so excited, finally Alexis and I would be put to the test in a battle of the brains (or lack there of).

Sadly my excitement was met with sheer horror – they just don’t make Scrabble like they used to.

The letter pieces are made from lightweight plastic and the little trays are flipping ugly too. The board is garish and bright and nothing has any old school charm like it used to (It even smells cheap and nasty).
Anyhow, this did not put us off playing, but it did leave us wishing we could find the old family board we used to love.

Like most things in life, as soon as I had came to terms with the ugliness of our new Scrabble board, I spotted the most amazing Scrabble board on Linda’s website One Fine Dae. GRRR!
If only I could have saved the Rands I spent on the butt ugly board and rather invested them in one of these gems.
Isn’t it so lovely? Check it out here

Yah for clever design. Yah for beautiful typography. Yah for (non plastic) Scrabble.

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