Posh Beasts

This past weekend, Alexis and I took a drive through the prettiest parts of Tamboerskloof and Oranjezicht. We like to take little drives around here and often dream about the day when we will live in such grandeur. This part of the Cape Town CBD is so lovely, the houses are an interesting mix of old and new with the odd dilapidated gem nestled in amongst the more palatial spots. Best of all, the wind doesn’t punish you throughout summer – its sublime.

On our most recent trip through Tamboerskloof we spotted a peacock nonchalantly wondering though a parking lot. Now, I may be somewhat oblivious of the comings and goings of the average peacock, but seeing this fine feathered dandy making his way across the tarmac did seam odd to me. Surely peacocks only reside on massive estates in the countryside, occasionally venturing into town to spend their weekend languishing in posh hotels?

To be honest I am convinced that most exotic animals lead terribly posh lives. After all, where else would the term “coats ‘n tails” come from? Don’t you think these creatures look the part (spotted in amongst them is Mr Peacock of course)? They are part of a really great collection of illustrations by Ryan from Berkley Illustration. You can see more of his work here and here. My favorites are Mr Bat and Mr Black Bear, which are yours?

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