Hello Sailor

This summer is going to be a gorgeous one (even if it starts off a little white and anemic). Unfortunately my swimming atire is going to have to retire this year. It simply wont do anymore! Sorry trusty bikini, your Hawaiian inspired embroidery is looking a little ho-hum.

Summer 2011 is going to be all about endless sun drenched afternoons spent gracing the deck of a sail boat, with nothing but the salty smell of the ocean air and endless ice cold jugs of Pimms for distraction.

Okay – I am not quite going to make it onboard a yacht cruising the Mediterranean, but I can just about smell the ocean from my house (or is that the harbor?) and as for the Pimms, well this I can definitely do!

Thankfully, aspiring to live the highlife can, of course, be enhanced with the right apparel. This year there are such adorable swimsuits out there (hopefully we will see similar in SA), I just need to get my hands one! Perhaps a gorgeous vintage inspired bather or a suitably sailor’ish two piece. I can just picture it, languishing under a huge brolly, wearing an enormously oversized straw hat, sipping a Pimms and reading a good book.

Summer, please come and stay!

Hello SailorHello SailorHello SailorHello Sailor

1. Skipper Bikini from Fables By Barrie
2. Je t’aime poster by Andrei D. Robu
3. Pinup Couture Bettie Blue Patent Platforms
4. Lexi Blue with White Lace and Red Bows Retro Bikini from Fables By Barrie
5. Heart Umbrella
6. Charles by Charles David
7. Toile de Jouy One piece Ruffled Swimsuit from Fables By Barrie
8. Beach sign (found on Tumblr)
9. Vintage Sailor Illustration by B.Dolwick

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