Circus Orchids

Orchids really are like the old world circus acts of the floral kingdom. Their theatrical blooms never fail to impress and their abundance and stamina are worthy of grand applause.

These intriguing jewels come in all shapes and sizes and to spite their delicate appearance are relatively easy to keep happy. They need to be loved and occasionally watered and of course constantly admired. Our dining room is the perfect spot to showcase these cheery plants . It’s a light and airy room directly off our kitchen, so anyone who is pottering about will definitely not miss them.

Much to my delight, this year all of them have decided to bloom at the same time, so our dining room looks like the Big Topper with all its new colours and stripes and dots and spots.


Picture credits:
First row left: Unknown (original pin is no longer available, found on Pinterest), right: Pretty Pretty
Second row left: Pretty Pretty, right:
Third row left: elgarbort, right: Pretty Pretty

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