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Helen Musselwhite's Beauties Wood

Around our house we have quite a few cloches proudly displaying prized little odds and bobs. I admit its a bit mad, but I love the idea of trapping a minute moment inside the comforting shape of a glass bell. Sadly none are as gorgeous as Helen Musselwhite’s stunning paper sculptures. Each of her pieces is lovingly cut, scored and folded to reveal a unique scene that almost springs to life.

Helen’s work is not only restricted to glass domes, she also creates gorgeous shadow boxes (another indulgence of mine), individual art pieces and unusual stand alone gems. Visit her portfolio for loads more gorgeous paper loveliness.

Helen Musselwhite

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  1. ally February 13, 2011 at 5:24 pm #

    Just picked one of your many gorgeous blog entries to say: “we love your blog! well done sweety! Thinking, and rooting for you!” -x-x-x-x–

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